“An end is only a beginning in disguise.” -Craig D. Lounsbrough

The end is always what I’m striving for. That seems a little strange to say, but whenever I begin with a new student, I always aim for the end…the time when the student no longer needs me. When her skills and confidence are strong enough to carry her through. For some, the end may takeContinue reading ““An end is only a beginning in disguise.” -Craig D. Lounsbrough”

What Dyslexia Taught Me

I was a reading teacher for 20 years before I really learned about dyslexia. Sadly, that is not uncommon. I had heard of it. I had asked my professors about it during my graduate work in reading back in the mid-nineties. Answers were always vague. “It doesn’t really exist. ” “It’s just an umbrella term.”Continue reading “What Dyslexia Taught Me”